3 Rowing Machine Benefits You Didn’t Know About

rowing machine benefitsWhen it comes to exercising at home there are certain benefits you get from using an indoor rower instead of maybe an elliptical or a treadmill. I’m not say that treadmills or elliptical machines are not good home cardio machines but the fact is rowing machines are great for home cardio or fitness exercising.

Now, personally when it comes to rowing machines, ever since I started rowing I’ve been a huge fan of the Concept 2 indoor rower. It’s without a doubt one the best indoor rowing machines you can buy. It’s not cheap but it’s well worth the money. Even if you’re a beginner, this machine is great.

Back to the benefits of rowing.

First of all you get a challenging full body workout without putting too much stress on your joints. I’ve always had joint pain and rowing has allowed me to workout even so.

It’s said that the stroking motion uses around 84% of your body’s muscles.

And what I like about a rowing machine is that it can be adjusted to fit your personal needs. It can be used by a fit persona but it can also be easily used by someone who ins’t in good shape yet.

Rowing machines are great if you want to lose weight. You can burn up to 600 calories in just an hour of rowing. Considering you don’t even have to leaver home to do this, it’s pretty amazing, right?

There are people who think that ellipticals are also good when it comes to workout equipment for home. I’m not very familiar with them so I honestly can’t tell you right now which are the best rated elliptical machines for home use, but I’ve heard good things about the Schwinn ellipticals.

Anyway, back to rowing benefits. Besides providing you with a great cardion workout, rowers are also great at building muscle strenght and mass. Contrary to popular belief, you can use an indoor rower to build muscle by working out at higher resistance levels.

If you’re considering buying a rowing machine, make sure you do extensive research before you spend any money. One of the sites most people go to if they want to read about home exercise equipment and workouts is www.Niugu8.com Reviews. This website has a lot of information on almost every type of cardio equipment you can buy for your home.

Ohh and one other thing about rowing machines. They’re actually very low cost. If you want a cheap indoor rower you can get one at under $200 which is pretty amazin considering the fact the best cardio machines are extremely expensive.

As a side note, here’s something for those of you who have joint pain and varicose veins. This is what has helped me and my wife.

Top 4 Cele mai bune combine frigorifice Samsung

Samsung, unul dintre cele mai mari branduri pe care le cunoastem. Baietii astia produc absolut orice tip de aparat electronic si o fac chiar foarte bine, de la telefoane la frigidere.

Si apropo de aparatele frigorifice produse de acest brand, in acest articol o sa iti prezint 4 combine frigorifice marca Samsung, unul mai bun ca celalalt si toate la preturi relativ mici.

Pe primul loc zic eu ca este Samsung RB31FDRNDSA, o combina frigorifica Full No Frost, din inox cu dozator de apa. Este un model extrem de atragator atat ca si aspect cat si in privinta functiilor si tehnologiilor pe care ti le ofera.

Numarul 2 in acest top ar fi combina frigorifica Samsung RB29FERNDSA. Din nou un model cu racire No Frost, multiflow. Acest model este foarte apreciat si datorita pretului mai mic de achizitie asta vand in vedere numarul mare de functii pe care il ofera utilizatorilor.

Pe locul 3 se afla Samsung RB29FSRNDWW o combina frigorifica ieftina si de o foarte buna calitate. Este un model foarte usor de intretinut si de folosit. Avand in vedere faptul ca este din nou un model Full No Frost, pretul cu care poate fi achizitionata este extrem de accesibil.

Si am ajuns si la ultimul model din acest top insa aici o sa-ti prezint un frigider, si anume Samsung RT38FEAADSP. Este un model ultra modern, cu dozator de apa, aparat de gheata, invelis exterior din inox si o gramada de functii extrem de practice.

┬áSper sa-ti fie de folos acest top in cazul in care te decizi sa achizitionezi un aparat frigorific Samsung. Mai multe informatii gasesti si pe Facebook – Frigidere Ieftine Gen.